Xsite, Braehead

With a proven track record in the property sector, EYCO on behalf of Xsite commissioned Ninetwo for creation of marketing collateral for the Xsite brand. A website, brochure and mailer campaign brought to life by drone video and photography made for a Xsiting end project to work on.


With Xsite having a wealth of attractions, our goal was to bring an edge and excitement to their marketing, through bright colours, bold typography and added transitions to engage the user. The website and digital brochure were a pathway into the possibilities at Xsite.

Xsite Brochure

Promotional Video

Whilst drone photography has become an industry standard, drone video can create an unrivalled story and richer vision of what is available. Coupled with motion driven infographics and the possibilities open up.

ipad iphone mockup

Digital Emailer

With a new creative identity, an engaging GIF driven emailer was created to engage with a database of property agents, driving qualified traffic back to the main site.

backarrow min
backarrow min