Thomsons Dairies

As a leading dairy delivery service across the country, Thomson Dairies had outgrown their current brand assets. With a heritage to their logo, the challenge was to re-invent the brand through the application of a fresh range of graphics across all mediums; vehicle livery, a bespoke ordering website, animation and video, print and digital campaigns. A custom font, colour palette, tone of voice and messaging along with a set of graphic elements fully endorsed backed by the senior team and rolled out at scale to transform the business’s connection with its family roots.

Thomson Dairies Livery 01
Thomson Dairies image Block 01

Vehicle Livery

We knew that the client’s fleet of vehicles could deliver more than milk, carrying the new brand they would also deliver increased exposure with an instantly recognisable and unique identity as they served communities across the country. From pickups, vans and exhibition trailers to large lorries the new brand was at home consistently spreading the message the family-owned dairy were looking to achieve.

Label Design

With their own products to sell, came another opportunity for the brand to shine in yet another context. Sticking to the fundamentals created in the brand audit and messaging pack, the consistent visuals connected with their market from the shelf and the doorstep.

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