Ten10 Podcasts

The ambitious team at Ten10 Podcasts came to Ninetwo full of ideas and directions to move in. We sat down and planned out a roadmap for what their new brand could become, designed their full brand identity, website, and recording studio, with the support of a few motion graphics and videos along the way.

Ten 10 logo block 01 1

Brand Identity

We build the Ten10 Brand to be one that could be scalable, manoeuvrable and most importantly fresh. The soundwaves within the iconography give a tie to their podcasts heritage coupled with the light typography and vibrant colour scheme it would hold its own in an industry full of noise. A digital focused business, with aspirations to create sub brands for podcasts, video casting and interviewing, the brand identity was developed in animation – an asset that can be used across on of their digital media.

Ten 10 image 01
Ten 10 image 02

Studio Design

With the Studio housing many celebrity guests over time – visuals were important to both make them feel comfortable but also portray the professional image required on the video recordings. The inviting yet industrial studio design and installation that followed gave a home for the business to grow.

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