BC Technologies Rebrand

BC Technologies approached Ninetwo to make a change to the brand identity of the business, modernising their visual language to match the innovative, problem-solving obsessive of their team. We collaborated with them firstly on the brand mark and tone of voice, stretching across the logo, core messaging, and positioning, which quickly then branched across all of BC Tech’s printed, online, and internal/external signage. An exciting project to be involved in, and the final outcome was the positioning of a very brave, bold, and playful brand ready to make waves in the industry.

Brand Refresh

The brand refresh was initially digitally focused, to be adaptable, playful, and brave. The build-up of the pixels within the identity is a direct link to the bits, bytes, and pixel makeup of the data-driven digital age. Back to basics with simplified shapes with squares and circles as the foundations of the visual language. A brave colour palette is used to complement the simplicity and well as positioning the brand as a leader.

BCTech Logopink
BCTEch logo


Digital animations act as a great explainer for more involved topics, BC Technologies identified this early on in the process, with a digital-first focus, a suite of animations were created to enhance the promotion of key offerings to potential customers in a bite-size yet meaningful way. Engaging and informing customers across digital platforms, while effectively communicating the core brand identity and messaging in the shortest window possible.

signage min

Livery and Signage

A stand-out piece from the overall brand project was the adoption of the bold new brand for the vehicle livery and signage. The malleability of the brand was proven in this seeing the corporate vs the creative angles both being utilised. Internal signage, is hugely important in communicating the new brand values to staff and customers, working within the corporate environment. On the other hand – having the restraints broken down to allow a creative design process culminating in the production of extremely brand vehicle livery with a reminiscence of Rally/F1 pace cars.

BC tehc folder min
bcards min

Printed Material

Print isn’t dead. Even with a digitally focused business. An approach of quality of quantity was taken when considering the output for BC Technology. From business cards printed on duplexed boards with soft touch lamination finishes to premium corporate folders with capacity and bespoke litho colour matching.

backarrow min
backarrow min