Ayrshire Cancer Support

Chosen by Ayrshire Cancer Support to modernise and expand their brand, Ninetwo worked in collaboration with the communications team and the shareholders to develop an identity that would be scalable across all of the charity’s touchpoints.

Following our initial research and redevelopment work, Ninetwo delivered the newly enhanced brand identity across a number of mediums including branded merchandise, event material and literature along with a dedicated new ‘Home for Cancer’ website.

Ayrshire Cancer Support Logo Development 2

Rebranding & Sub Branding

With an already established identity, the main focus was to improve and elevate the current mark. An ‘Evolution not a Revolution’. The existing mark was then enhanced with the shapes adjusted to reveal the letter C and the lines softened. The typography has been set for legibility no matter the size or context, improving the functional side of the brand. To work alongside the main brand identity, two sub brands were crafted for specific usage with two key audiences, children and young people and the new ‘Make It Happen’ initiative.

Ayrshire Cancer Support Sublogo
Ayrshire Cancer Support Sublogo2
Ayrshire Cancer Support Logo 2
Ayrshire Cancer Support image block 01 2
Ayrshire Cancer Support image block 02 04 2

Promotional Material

Ninetwo have a comprehensive range of trusted suppliers and partners able to source and print almost any item and finish. As part of the brand rollout, an extensive print run of t-shirts, event banners, pens and printed literature was created.

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