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Bringing your brand to life with the art of movement.

Animation and video bring your brand to life, and that’s why we love it. Motion is the perfect way to unleash your brand’s full potential.

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Design in motion, captivating audiences.

Animation and video are the next level tools for visual storytelling. From concept to execution, we use motion to inject pace and excitement into your brand creative.

2D Animation

2D animated explainer videos are an effective tool for communicating complex ideas or products in a clear, engaging way. They help your brand increase conversions, improve brand awareness, and enhance customer engagement.

Logo idents

Logo idents are a powerful marketing tool, helping translate a static brand across digital and media rich platforms. They can be used in a variety of marketing materials, including social media, TV ads, and promotional videos.

Video production

A well shot and edited video can enhance a brand’s storytelling, create a memorable user experience, and increase engagement. It’s an important tool in today’s digital landscape for communicating messages effectively.

Lomond Socials min

Social Content

Bespoke designed social content is tailored to your brand and audience, maximizing engagement and impact. It can include graphics, videos, and copywriting.

Selected motion projects